Stand for ipad ! Electrostand

Electrostand is the ultimate iPad stand, giving users unprecedented control and hands-free functionality to enhance the iPad experience. Electrostand charges your iPad as it’s unique design allows it to tilt, swivel, and rotate to virtually any angle. On the base of the iPad stand is a touch-sensitive LED light to add some subtle mood lighting. There are other iPad stand on the market, but none of them come close to Electrostand’s versatility, ease of use, and unique design.

The Ultimate ipad Stand

Sit back and enjoy a movie or use the iPad stand as an gaming stand for racing games and flight simulator apps. Place it next to your computer and use it as a second monitor, or follow your fantasy teams as you watch sports in the living room. It’s non-skid base allows the stand for iPad to be used on the kitchen countertops or on the night stand next to your bed.
Electrostand also feels more natural to Skype or Face Time with someone, because you’re directly looking at them, instead of looking up or down. Whether you’re in the market for a stand for iPad, iPad 2, or a stand for iPad 3 or iPad 4, Electrostand is the right choice every time.



USB Charger

The built-in USB charger allows you to connect your iPad and have it charge as you work, surf, and play for hours without a worry.

  • Powered USB Charger
  • USB Cables Included
  • Charges While in Use

Rotate Tilt Swivel

Unlike kickstands or other inferior stands for iPad, Electrostand gives the user ultra flexibility and movement in all directions.

  • Rotates up to 360°
  • Tilts up to 90°
  • Swivels up to 300°

LED Lights

Electrostand’s touch-sensitive LED lighting enhances night time viewing and adds a touch of sophistication while in the dark.

  • Touch-Sensitive Lights
  • 3 Levels of Ambient Lighting
  • Enhances Night-Time Viewing

Don’t settle for a kickstand or an inferior iPad stand. Choose Electrostand, the ultimate stand for iPad , stand for iPad 2, stand for iPad 3and stand for iPad 4. The case of the stand for iPad 2 and the stand for iPad 3 and iPad 4 comes in black and white cases. The case of the stands for iPad comes only in black.