Kitchen iPad Stand

Remember the days of traditional recipe book holders? With the book standing up and out of the way, you could see your recipe clearly without having to keep going back or hunching over the book while trying to keep it open to the right page. Before recipes went digital, you propped up those big cookbooks […]

Electrostand iPad Stand Review

Recently the Electrostand iPad stand was reviewed by the gadget professionals on the Cyberview YouTube channel. It’s a very thorough and in-depth look on the unboxing, setup, and features of this one-of-a-kind iPad stand. These guys show how you can easily unbox and setup your iPad stand in a couple of minutes. Then you can […]

Register iPad Stand

Register iPad Stand Electrostand is great for the small business owner who has a need for a credit card reader on the iPad. It’s ideal for businesses with low volume and an occasional need to capture transactions. Apps like Square®, PayPal®, and Intuit® GoPayment transform your Electrostand into a register iPad stand. The swivel and […]

The right iPad stand for Musicians

Electrostand’s range of movement and ease of use is especially great for freeing up the hands of musicians. With rotation up to 360°, tilting up to 90°, and swiveling up to 300°, Electrostand allows the iPad to be used like a 21st-century music stand. Unlike a conventional iPad stand, Electrostand’s functionality and versatility allows musicians […]