Stand for iPad 2

  • 360° Rotation
  • 300° Swivel
  • 120° Tilt
  • Built-in USB Charger
  • 3 Level Touch LED Light
  • Includes 2 USB Cables
  • Black or White Case Included
  • Soft Inner Lined Case
  • Non-Slip Rubber Bottom
Compatibility Holds Charges Rotates Camera Access All Buttons and Inputs
iPad 1 Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
iPad 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPad 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPad 4 Yes Requires Lightening to 30 Pin Adaptor Yes Yes Yes
Type Length Width Height Weight
Package Dimensions 10 inches (25.41 cm) 10 inches (25.41 cm) 12 inches (30.48 cm) 5.30 lbs. (2.04 kg)
Electrostand Dimension 9.5 inches (24.13 cm) 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) 10 inches (25.41 cm) 4 lbs. (1.82 kg)

Design & Build

Electrostand was specifically built to be an iPad stand to compliment the iPad’s aesthetics and add functionality and versatility.

  • ABS with Chrome Coated Finish
  • Removable Protective Case
  • Non-Slip Base Bottom

iPad stand

USB Charger

The built-in USB charger allows you to connect your iPad and have it charge as you work, surf, and play on the iPad stand.

  • Powered USB Charger
  • USB Cables Included
  • Charges while in Use

Electrostand iPad Stand

Directional Movement

Unlike kickstands or an inferior iPad stand, Electrostand gives the user ultra flexbility and movement in all directions.

  • Rotates up to 360°
  • Tilts up to 90°
  • Swivels up to 300°

iPad stand

Lighting System

Electrostand’s four level touch-sensitive LED light enhances night time viewing and adds a touch of sophistication while in the dark.

  • Touch Sensitive Lights
  • 4 Levels of Ambient Lighting
  • Enhances Night-Time Viewing

iPad stand

The ultimate stand for iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3 with FREE Shipping!

Stand for iPad 2

Stand for iPad | Stand for iPad 2 | Stand for iPad 3 Stand

If you’re looking for a unique iPad stand with character and the functionality of a Swiss army knife, then Electrostand is the right iPad stand for you. It was built from the ground up to match the iPad’s aesthetics and further enhance the iPad experience.