• The iPad Stand Register
    The iPad Stand Register
    If you run a small business with a modest number of transactions, Electrostand can be your iPad register stand of choice. Of course if you have hundreds or thousands of transactions per day then an industrial grade stand will fit your needs instead. Electrostand is the reasonably priced alternative iPad stand register for your business.
  • Video Chatting on the iPad
    Video Chatting on the iPad
    Say goodbye to awkward angles…Electrostand quickly allows you to find the perfect angle so video chatting looks and feels more natural. It works great for one on one meetings in portrait mode or you can rotate it to landscape and have another person next to you while on the ultimate iPad stand.
  • Electrostand for the Gamers
    Electrostand for the Gamers
    With its tilting head, games which use the accelerometer become more enjoyable and intuitive to play. Let Electrostand do the holding while you break new records and take your gaming to new heights.
  • The Dual Monitor Setup
    The Dual Monitor Setup
    Electrostand is a great compliment to the computer at home or the office. With the right software, you can convert your iPad to a fully functioning dual monitor setup.
  • Welcome to the New Office
    Welcome to the New Office
    Pair a wireless keyboard with an Electrostand to transform your iPad into a full-fledged work station. It gives users the opportunity to set up an enjoyable and relaxed work environment for themselves in the bedroom, while allowing the Electrostand’s functionality and versatility to enable productivity.
  • The Modern Kitchen
    The Modern Kitchen
    The quintessential iPad accessory, Electrostand improves the convenience, practicality, ease, efficiency and overall quality of experience for its user. Electrostand provides an unparalleled experience and modern spin on traditional norms of how to use an iPad in the kitchen, by allowing users to explore its full potential and freeing your hands in order to prepare […]
  • The New Remote Control
    The New Remote Control
    By providing a simpler alternative for viewing photos, videos, presentations with a group of people, or just sitting back and enjoying a movie, Electrostand revolutionizes the way you use your iPad. A great way to utilize Electrostand is to use it a remote control for your living room media center or follow your fantasy football […]