Setup & Installation

  • Attach Case to Stand
    Step 1 – Attached case to the top of the Electrostand neck.
  • Rotate into Position
    Step 2 – Place case on the stand and rotate the case slightly until it locks into place.
  • Locate Lock
    Step 3 – Locate small case locking switch on the back of the stand.
  • Push Lock Up
    Step 4 – Push the lock button up until it clicks and locks the case in place. Push down to unlock the case.
  • Insert iPad
    Step 5 – Once the case is completely secure on the stand, test by tilting and rotating the case. If the case does not come out, you are now ready to insert your iPad.
  • Snap into Place
    Step 6 – Firmly snap the iPad’s four corners into the case. You should hear it snap as its secured into the case.
  • iPad Removal
    Step 7 – Remove the stand by pressing the holes on the back of the iPad. Press until one or more corners pop out.
  • Push iPad Out
    Step 8 – Carefully place your hand in front of the iPad to secure it properly, then slide it out of the case.

Download Electrostand Quick Start Guide